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    March 11th to 14th at Austin Convention Center. Booth # 1441.

Future experience through Mixed Reality technology!

Fly your drone anytime, anywhere

“I wish I could fly my drone any place and any time”. O.K., The VIRTUAL DRONE makes your dream come true! With an integrated 3D-stereo camera/VR headset system, you can enjoy flying a drone anytime, anywhere. Nothing stops your dream!

Experience an impossible world

Mixed-Reality (MR) is a cutting edge technology which enables us to change our world. By adding virtual objects – not only a drone but aerial targets, enemies, etc.- in MR environment, VIRTUAL DRONE makes you experience impossible world as if it were real.

Collaborate in a virtual world

The multi-player VIRTUAL DRONE enables collaboration in a virtual world: Let’s fly drones with your friend and complete the mission together, or just fly side-by-side. There is nothing better than the multiplayer-MR. You’re not alone in the VIRTUAL DRONE world!

Virtual Drone "Fly it anytime, anywhere !"

Fly it anytime, anywhere!

The cutting-edge Mixed Reality makes your dreams come true.

Dual-Player Virtual Drone at SXSW 2017

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