• We're going to 078 Kobe interactive!

    May 6th and 7th at Design Creative Center Kobe (KIITO)

Future experience through Mixed Reality technology!

Fly it anytime, anywhere

“If I could fly the drone any place and any time”. O.K. The virtual drone makes your dream come true! With an integrated VR headset-PC system of the virtual drone, you can enjoy flying a drone anytime, anywhere. Nothing stops your dream. Enjoy!

Experience impossible

Mixed-Reality (MR) is a cutting technology which enables us to change the world we live in. By adding a virtual object (a drone, targets and enemies) in the real environment, you can enjoy unique experience which is impossible but realistic. If you don’t believe me, just experience the virtual drone!

Collaborate with your friend

The virtual drone has a multiplayer mode. You and your friend fly drones together. You can collaborate, compete, or just fly side-by-side, as you like. There is nothing better than the multiplayer-MR. you’re not alone even in the virtual world!

Virtual Drone "Fly it anytime, anywhere !"

Fly it anytime, anywhere!

The cutting-edge Mixed Reality makes your dreams come true.

Dual-Player Virtual Drone at SXSW 2017

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